Brianna Rodriguez

Brianna  Rodriguez
(707) 826-4580
NHE 212A

Brianna Rodriguez graduated from Cal Poly Humboldt with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. She is currently obtaining her Master's in Education from Arizona State University, focusing on two areas: social justice and human rights, as well as educating multilingual learners. She is passionate about helping students grow and creating a space where they feel listened to and supported. Brianna's dedication to education and empowerment, together with a deep appreciation for familismo, fuels her drive to make a positive and lasting impact on the lives of her students. She ensures they not only excel academically but also develop a strong sense of belonging within the academic community, striving to create an inclusive and supportive environment that reflects the values of close-knit families. Brianna has enjoyed advising El Centro Academico Cultural students. She has cultivated knowledge through both a student and educator lens, which allows her to develop solutions for student problems. Prior to her work at Cal Poly Humboldt, Brianna educated preschoolers and interned as an Upward Bound Mentor, where she assisted students with academic and social challenges. In her spare time, Brianna enjoys running through the beautiful redwoods.